Golf Lessons in Longueuil by a PGA Professional!

Are you looking to improve your golf technique and performance? Or are you just starting in this sport and want to learn the basics the right way? Professional golfer Angie Éthier can help you! Offering individual or group golf lessons (2 or 3 people) at the outdoor golf practice facility of Le Parcours du Cerf Golf Club in Longueuil, Angie Éthier can teach you pro tips! Lessons can also be given on the course (9 holes).

A popular and respected golf instructor

Angie Éthier has been a professional golfer and a member of the PGA since 2018, as well as a member of the Professional Golfers' Association in his province. He is among the thirty golf experts found in the province. As a professional golfer, he actively participates in numerous tournaments held both nationally and internationally.

Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or advanced golfer, he will help you refine your technique to improve your performance on the course. His specialty? Course management. For young and older beginners, Angie Éthier will be delighted to explain the fundamentals of golf and share his passion for the sport.


Generally, throughout the summer (from late April to late September), lessons are offered at the Longueuil golf practice facility from 7:30 AM to 9:30 PM every day except Wednesday (from 9:30 AM to 9:30 PM). For on-course golf lessons (9 holes), the schedule is the same.

Golf Lessons in Bangkok

In addition to giving lessons at Le Parcours du Cerf Golf Club in Longueuil during the summer, Angie Éthier heads to sunny Bangkok every winter season to give golf lessons at his CGA Srinakarin. Golf School. Angie is highly appreciated by his students (the school's Facebook page has nearly 900 followers!).

Angie Éthier gives his golf lessons in Bangkok at the SG Driving Range Par 3 Srinakarine golf course. His life partner, Natthanapak Pro Nampheung, has also been giving golf lessons for 15 years alongside him. She has participated in several LPGA tournaments in Bangkok and across the country.

Individual golf lessons or group lessons for 2 to 3 people are offered. These can be beginner lessons for young and older individuals or more personalized lessons for intermediate or advanced golfers looking to improve their technique and course management with the guidance of a PGA professional golfer!

To book a golf lesson at the CGA Srinakarin Golf School for personalized or group golf lessons, call 099 451 9265 or leave your contact information by email at Parents can enroll their children or teenagers aged 5 to 17 to learn this concentration-enhancing sport that improves dexterity and self-confidence. The earlier a child starts, the easier and quicker the learning process!

Safety Protocols

Whether lessons are given at the golf practice facility or on the course, COVID-19 safety measures will be followed. Wearing a mask and maintaining a 2-meter distance are required. Additionally, the instructor will not handle the clubs brought by the clients.

Book Your Golf Lesson

Contact Angie Éthier at Le Parcours du Cerf Golf Club at (514) 567-3737 or email for more information on the golf lessons offered (individual or group lessons for 2 to 3 people).

Le Parcours du Cerf is located at 2500 Boulevard Fernand-Lafontaine, Longueuil (5 minutes from Boucherville and 15 minutes from Brossard).

Golf Lessons

Do you want to improve your swing and learn pro techniques? Professional golfer Angie Éthier offers personalized golf lessons for beginners, intermediate, or advanced golfers. Lessons are given at the practice facility of Parcours du Cerf, one of the most beautiful golf clubs on the South Shore. You can also get a golf lesson on the course, playing 9 holes with your instructor.
Located at 2500 Boulevard Fernand-Lafontaine, Longueuil (5 minutes from Boucherville and 15 minutes from Brossard), Le Parcours du Cerf Golf Club will charm you with its facilities, stunning landscapes, and friendly team. If you're a beginner golfer, instructor Angie Éthier will teach you the basics and the best techniques to help you progress in golf. For intermediate or advanced golfers, he will provide expert advice to improve your performance.

Junior Golf

Would you like to offer junior golf lessons to your child aged 5 to 17? It's an excellent idea! Starting early makes learning easier and faster. Golf is a sport that enhances concentration, patience, and self-control. Taking junior golf lessons also improves self-confidence and assurance.
With coach Angie Éthier, a professional golfer, and his partner instructor Natthanapak Pro Nampheung, your child or teenager will receive personalized instruction that motivates them to improve! Get more information about junior golf lessons offered at Parcours du Cerf in Longueuil by calling (514) 567-3737 or emailing
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